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Temperature Monitoring during Surgical Procedures

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Year End Appeal 2018

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Hello from the MHAUS Board of Directors and Staff;

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you personally had to deal with a fulminant MH event and there was no MH Hotline with calm experts to help you sort through the myriad of decisions you must make and act on in a very short timeframe?  Kind of scary and hair raising, huh?  Thankfully, MHAUS has taken that concern away by providing the MH Hotline FREE OF CHARGE 24/7/365; thereby assuring MH-susceptible patients are safe from harm and their family evades a devastating loss, and healthcare providers have someone to provide valuable help and direction in an unexpected MH event.  If you had to, what monetary value would you put on that sense of relief?  $50?  $100?  $200?  More?

Consider how you can help us reach our goal for MHAUS’ 2018 Year End Appeal of $20,000.  We know we can make it; but not without your help to continue providing..…. 

….The MH Hotline available to healthcare professionals who are unexpectedly dealing with an MH crisis – and to prepare for an upcoming MHS’s surgery – 24/7/365!   The hotline is staffed by MH experts who donate their valuable time on a 24/7 basis for a two-week period - to be there to help you!

 ….MH educational booklets, brochures, manuals, Operating Room Protocol Posters, Mock Drill Kits, In-service, etc., to provide quick MH resources.

….Do you know what you need on an MH cart to be ready to treat MH?  We do, and we share that information on the MHAUS website and within much of our literature.  Are you ready for the questions the surveyors from the regulatory agencies will ask?  MHAUS is an organization recognized by the various regulatory agencies as “The MH Experts” and they often use our recommendations as the basis for their MH preparedness review. 

Monthly webinars for healthcare professionals and MH-susceptibles

 ….A website that provides answers as well as direct access to MH experts via an online contact form to answer your personal questions, usually within 48 hours!

….MH Mock Drill Calls to make your facility’s MH simulation more realistic to provide insight as to how long it may take to connect, what questions the hotline consultant will ask, etc.

 ….The North American MH Registry of MHAUS continues to collect MH data for researchers looking for MH answers and improvements in testing options, etc..  It also provide MH-susceptible families with information they need to be aware and advocate for themselves.

Donate now via the MHAUS website by clicking the Donate button on the right side of the main page and click the 2018 Year End Appeal link or call our office and staff will work with you to assure you receive your tax-deductible contribution receipt!  Thank you, in advance, for your generous support of our lifesaving mission to not lose a life to MH!


Sincerely yours,


Dianne Daugherty,

MHAUS Executive Director

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