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MHAUS Projects: Feed MH Research Pig

Feed MH Research Pig

MHAUS Needs You 

We’re asking you to help us Feed MH Research! Pigs have provided MH research and many insights into Malignant Hyperthermia. We all are grateful to have such a resource - but there is more research to do.

Additional MH Research is needed to develop a less invasive test that is more widely available; to discover why MH presents only sometimes with triggered anesthetics; to find out why some MH patients are susceptible to heat and exercise, and why they react to non-anesthetic triggers. Donations help MH experts answer these questions through research and discovery. 

How You Can Help 

You can help by ordering a pig of your very own to care for, feed, and name. At MHAUS, we have named our pig Nelson Ellis. He lives near the copier where he is kept warm and receives lots of attention.

Get Your Pig

Get your own MH Research Pig to feed at no charge from the MHAUS Shop click here

Care and Feeding 

  1. Name your pig when it arrives and introduce him/her to co-workers, family, and friends. 
  2. Nurture your pig with praise and feed regularly with spare change.
  3. Provide a safe environment so your pig does not run away.
  4. Socialize with your pig at MH events by introducing your pig to people and inviting discussions about MH and online by messaging with other pig owners on this Feed MH Research Group and social media.  

When Your Pig Gets Full 

When your pig gets full pull the plug and send the sum of her/his contents to MHAUS by mail or online: click here for instructions.

Thank you for supporting MH Research!

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