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Live Q&A with MH Expert, Dr. Joe Tobin

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Latest Revision: 2018

Total Run Time: 23min 31sec

  •  Part 1 (13:03) - MH Presentation, Acute and Post-Acute Phase Treatment, and Summary
  •  Part 2 (6:35)   - Pathogenesis of MH, MH Preparation
  • Part 3 (3:53)   - Diagnosis of MH, Genetic Testing, MH Prevention


         MH Mock Drill Kit Subscription

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Item: MH Mock Drill Kit Online Subscription

Last revised: 2019

Suggestion: Use as a review and action plan for MH in an operating room setting.

  • Simulation Videos in this online format:
    • Part 1 - (Run Time: 25:58) A Catastrophe Averted: Simulation of successful management of MH in an ambulatory surgery center: Achilles tendon repair

    • Part 2 -  (Run Time: 30:08) Simulation of Malignant Hyperthermia Episode: highlighting diagnostic dilemmas, consideration of treatment options and resource management: laparoscopic appendectomy

    • Part 3 - (Run Time: 20:21) Malignant Hyperthermia Catastrophe: Simulation of failed management of MH in an ambulatory surgery center: knee arthroscopy

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