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Jeff Olsen

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, December 30, 2015

 Jeff Olsen and Family

Jeff's Story-

On October 29, 1984 my son Jeff, who was 7 years old, needed ear tube surgery and adenoid removal. Partly into the surgery, his temperature skyrocketed and his muscles became rigid. His ear doctor and the anesthesiologist immediately recognized the symptoms of MH and administered dantrolene, which saved his life. Ironically, Jeff had previous surgeries, one at 6 months of age and one at 3 years of age, with no MH episodes. This was very fortunate because dantrolene hadn’t been recognized as an antidote. Since that time, the entire family which includes Jeff’s two brothers, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and now another generation as all have had children, have been vigilant in telling all health care providers that MH runs in the family. Since it is inherited, all are at risk. Recently Jeff, now 38, had testing done since he was expecting his first child and wanted to know if he had MH susceptibility. The following is his experience:

“I had a DNA blood test to determine the genetic cause of my MH episode, in hopes of more easily determining if my newborn son also had the disorder. Luckily, my insurance company covered the cost of sequencing the entire coding region of the RYR1 gene. Unfortunately, the results did not yield any established sequence variants. They did find one rare variant, however, that is predicted to cause a deleterious change in the RYR1 protein based on protein folding prediction programs. But since there is not a lot of data on other individuals who have had MH episodes and also have this sequence variant, it is unknown whether or not this is the cause of my MH. I am going to have my son and my father tested for this sequence variant to see if they also have it. Perhaps as research proceeds on the genetics of MH, we will understand more about this sequence variant in the future, and whether or not it can be used as a predictor of MH for my family members. For now, I can’t assume that my son is in the clear for MH if he does not have the variant.”

As told by Jeff and his mother, Diane Olsen. 

Views and opinions expressed on this page are only those of the individual telling their story. MHAUS has not clinically vetted the content. 

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