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Geoffrey Keller

Posted By Administration, Monday, January 26, 2015

Geoffrey Keller   Geoff Keller Jumping

I am the mother of Geoffrey Keller who we lost on Sept. 9, 2012 very unexpectedly from a unknown awake trigger at age 26.  He and his wife, were getting ready to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary in six days when the tragedy occurred.   He became very overheated and could not cool down.  By the time paramedics arrived, his vital organs were shutting down and legs were paralyzed.  He died shortly afterwards with a temperature of 107.3.

Geoffrey was diagnosed in 1990 at age 3 when he had a bronchial scope to find out the reason for pneumonia.  The anesthesiologist noticed a tiny twitch in his cheek.  The MH hotline was called.  Geoffrey was able to get stabilized and was in ICU for 24 hours and, thankfully, survived. We had never heard of MH.  I immediately did research and we traced the heredity and the dominant gene back to my husband, Curt.  We thought Geoffrey and the family was safe just by staying away from the anesthesia that triggers MH.  We were never told about awake triggers. Since we lost Geoffrey, Curt has done much research, and we now understand why Curt has intense heat, night sweats, and muscle cramps.  We also understand why Geoffrey would get so hot for no reason and want to sleep downstairs during the summer all the years growing up.

Geoffrey was in competitive gymnastics since age 3 for 10 years, then went into diving in high school and college.  He wanted to play guitar since he could walk and became a very talented musician owning many guitars and equipment.  Even though he had a degree in political science, he became a computer consultant which he loved.  Geoffrey was so full of life and so funny.  He had no prejudice and was loyal to everyone as long as they were loyal to him.

Geoffrey wore a medic alert bracelet and Curt wears a necklace.   Since his bracelet was so visible, awareness for MH was spread.  Since 1 in 2000 is thought to carry the dominant gene, it is strange that more people are not aware of MH.  Our family and Geoffrey and Ashli's friends are trying to promote awareness.  Geoffrey now has two namesakes that have been born to two best college fraternity friends.  Geoffrey Warren Keller will always be remembered and in our hearts.  We love you, son.

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